Sunday, July 1, 2012

Every Tear I've Cried, You Hold in Your Hand

When I was younger, I wrote a story about a plain looking princess who was only beautiful when she cried….

Maybe I knew even then that beauty is born from tears.

This chick is a tear-junkie too -
and always there for me,
no matter what.

I might be a bit of tear-junkie.  I read heart-breaking books, I watch movies that make me weep.  I literally have a playlist on my itunes called “Cry Your Eyes Out.”  (Seriously, Christina Perri crushes me and I love her!  Check out The Lonely).  I’m not a glutton for punishment; I just find some type of inspiration in the quiet strength of those who’ve overcome something.

These girls have seen me through so much.

I said before that I love to know the stories of others, particularly women.  I want to hear the real-life things that people have dealt with.  I want to know their struggles and how they made it through.  I feel drawn to people who have struggled in life in some kind of way (so if we’re good friends, it’s likely there’s something wrong with you!) and I know that’s because I have been through things, I have struggled, I have cried, and I have had wonderful, precious people who’ve held my hand and walked with me.  My life has been changed in those moments.

Someone recently asked me, “When I’m totally broken… where is God?”  As I look back at my own life, it’s in those moments of complete brokenness that I have seen God’s hand.  It’s because of that I’ve been able to make any sense at all out of the chaos of life.  

I’m really hoping that I don’t have to go through too many more tragedies, but I know that’s part of life, and I take comfort in knowing that, though I do not believe “everything happens for a reason,” I do believe whole-heartedly that “God works all things together for the good of those who love Him.”  

So I may not be a “Pocket Full of Sunshine” kind of girl, but I can smile, knowing that, no matter what, through all of the realities of life, I am never alone.

This guy has walked me through so
many of life's unexpected curves.

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