Monday, July 16, 2012

And I Know that I Am, I Am, I Am the Luckiest

I don’t have a lot of time or energy for blogging this week, so instead, here is a list of just a few things that make me incredibly happy –

1)      When Jay and I are in a room full of people, and he catches my eye and winks.
2)      Hearing the teeny tiny kids at Vacation Bible School try to learn their Bible Verses.
3)      The fact that school is starting soon, so the stores are packed full with bright, shiny school supplies.  
Post-its and binders and paper clips.  Oh my!

4)      NPR in the mornings… it’s my de-stressor.
5)      The conversations between Jay, Micah and myself during dinner.  You never know what might come up!
6)      This song --> The Way I Am
7)      My book club.  It has turned into one of the most fun thing I’m a part of.  We are currently reading “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress.” Everyone should be a Book Babe! 
8)      A pedicure – definitely an indulgence that is totally worth it.
9)      Daydreaming about the cruise we’re taking in a few months

10)  Talking to this girl à

11)  Chatting with my husband in those last few minutes before we fall asleep
12)  The cold side of the pillow
13)  Facebook (I know a lot of people are becoming disenchanted with it, but it is still the best way for me to see my friends’ kids grow up).
14)  Popsicles, ice pops, snow cones and anything else that helps us survive this sweltering summer.
15)   Trident Splash (strawberry and lime)
16)  My office.  I recently redecorated.  It’s black and white and oh-so-cute.  It’s an awesome thing when you WANT to spend time in your office!

17)  John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo.  I think I’m hooked on the smell.
18)  Community theater
19)  The ice from Sonic
20)  Waking up and realizing that I still have a few hours to sleep.
21)  Peanut butter and banana sandwiches (Jay makes them perfectly).
22)   Coming home to a made bed and a (relatively) clean house.
23)  When you’re watching a rerun of any TV show and it ends up being a Christmas episode.
24)  The fact that my very favorite books from middle school now have a grown-up version!  Ever wonder what happened to Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and the rest of the Sweet Valley gang?
25)  Writing this blog.  I don’t know that I’m ever sharing anything worth reading, but I love it.

That is all for now.  Kisses!

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  1. Your office looks amazing!! And I shook my head yes as I was reading almost all of these! :)