Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Since my self-esteem may or may not be unhealthily connected to how many people read this little blog, I’m super excited to report that I have hit 2000 reads!  Thanks everyone! – especially to whomever is reading this in the following countries: Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Turks and Caicos Islands, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and Romania.  Oh, and all you local peeps too.

I know most of you come to my blog via facebook – so either a hundred or so of you read my blog regularly, OR my three faithful followers read it hundreds of times.  Either way has me equally jazzed!

 To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m going to have a little just-for-fun-give-away, like the real bloggers do!   (I, of course, have no sponsors, but since I’m a faithful sponsor of Sephora and Birchbox, I have beauty samples galore to send you!).

Here’s what you do!  Go to my blog on your computer (not your mobile device) and become a follower – hit where it says, “Join this site” and then follow the easy directions.  It will make it much easier for you to leave comments on what you read! 

Become a follower by Wednesday, August 1 at midnight (CST) and you will be entered in my little drawing.  The winner will get one box full of my favorite things! 

Be sure to check back with me a little later in the week to see how I conquered one of my fears this weekend, and to see why crazy cats and Linda Blair give me nightmares.


  1. followed you with 8 minutes to spare! Boo-yah!

    1. I was secretly stalking your blog, but I guess my secret's out now!

  2. Yay! I love stalkers! But mainly because I love comments!