Monday, July 2, 2012

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs...

I was torn this evening between taking time to write a blog or taking time to clean out my purse, which is tipping the scale at about 25 pounds.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone (what a terrible saying… who is throwing all these rocks at birds?  I mean sure, birds are creepy, but they don’t deserve to be stoned).

I often joke that my purse is the source of all my powers.  I’m like Mary Poppins that way.  I can find something in there for every situation.  However, my back is aching and I’ve taken to leaving my purse in the car and just pulling out what I need, so I figure it’s time to make some important choices.

Mary Poppins - a most impressive bag lady
So let the sorting begin!  Here goes –

1)      a broken ink pen, in several pieces
2)      a checkered piece of ribbon (no clue where this came from)
3)      a post-it note with the following words: red and green leis, tape, mittens, dice
4)      a gum wrapper
5)      a receipt for a haircut
6)      a receipt for Chinese food
7)      3 tickets to the Tulsa Shock game from 2 weeks ago
8)      Several luggage tags
9)      A melted fun size kit kat bar
10)  A kazoo
11)  a plastic whistle
12)  a receipt from a girl’s night at Buffalo Wild Wings
13) a half a bag of M&Ms from who-knows-when

            Putting Away
1)      a camera that does not belong to me - it’s getting returned.  My phone takes better pictures anyway
2)      John Frieda Frizz-Ease hair spray – I have no use for this in the summer.  
3)      A Nintendo DS – Micah has been looking all over for this!
4)      3 batteries
5)      Bath & Body Works Vanilla Sprinkle Cookie hand sanitizer
6)      Jason Mraz’s new CD
7)      A bag full of brooches from a senior citizen program I did two months ago
8)      A “box top for education”
9)      One pearl earring
10)  Bath and Body Works Ribbon Candy hand sanitizer
11)  The screw-top of a lamp

Going Back In
1)      A calendar I use to keep up with stats and such
2)      A notepad and pen
3)      3 P’s in a Pod Sinus Balm – it’s addictive
4)      That Gal face brightener
5)      Sunscreen (my terrible sunburn proves I had no idea this was in there)
6)      A Uniball pen
7)      A phone charger (just going back in so that I can take it to the office.  Of course, I’ll forget about it and leave it in there for all eternity)
8)      Tylenol (needed this so bad a few days ago, also had no idea it was in there)
9)      Caribbean Escape hand sanitizer
10)   A polkadot reusable shopping bag (it folds up teeny tiny)
11)   A check for Jay’s birthday from Grannie Annie :)
12)  An appointment card for my
next Dr.
13)  A punch card for pedicures
14)  Directions to camp (I’ve driven it a dozen times but I still need my cheat sheet!)
15)  My IPOD earphones
16)  My cell phone car charger
17)  The IPOD I never use
18)  A small pouch I got from Thirty-One that I haven’t figured out what to use for yet
19)  Boscia green tea blotting linens
20)  Lysol To Go spray
21)  A bag of tiny jawbreakers
22)  Aveda Hand Relief lotion
23)  One dose of sinus medication
24)  Sephora lip gloss in “Precious Pink”
25)  Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm
26)  A small mirror from Thirty-One
27)  Be fine food skin care Lip Serum with chamomile & beets – for the record, I am aware that I have way too much lip stuff in my purse, but I can’t decide what to leave out, so I keep it all.
28)  One gorgeous Kate Spade wallet
It has to be brightly colored so I can find it in all the chaos!
Alright, I've put everything away and reloaded the purse.  It's looking quite nice and tidy.... I give it a week!


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