Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr. Suzy Homemaker

Jay and I like to do a lot of things together.  We like to watch movies.  We love playing games.  We like to watch sports (though I just sleep on his shoulder or flip through People Magazine until basketball season starts).

In any marriage though, it is also important to maintain individual identities, to be your own person, so Jay and I also enjoy separate hobbies.  For example, I like to write.  I do this little blog, as well as some other ongoing projects.  I like to stare at pinterest and daydream about projects I’ll never do.  I like to clean house (though by the look of things, I’ve given that up).  

Jay has hobbies of his own as well.  He’s not really a video game guy (thank you, Lord).  He spends a day on the greens about once every three years.  He doesn’t really bike, or work in the yard (beyond what’s necessary).  He doesn’t work crosswords or puzzles (because he’s not a senior citizen).  Come to think of it, Jay and I keep to our individual hobbies for one very big reason…

Weird Fact about Jay #5: His hobbies are a little girly for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  My beloved is a big macho hunk of a man (remember, he has a beard), but the things he happens to be more gifted at might typically be associated with the female gender.

He likes to do arts and crafts. 

Like serious crafts.  Like Craft War stuff.  He has quite an arsenal – glue guns, silk flowers, modge podge, raffia, ribbon, mason jars, glitter, paint, sandpaper, spray paint.  He can look at Pinterest (uh, just accidentally, like over my shoulder.  Not that he’d sit and look at it on purpose!) and he could whip up whatever he sees.  I don’t have a crafty bone in my body.

Here are a few things he’s made lately:

Jay is also quite crafty with food.  When Micah turned three, he wanted to have a pirate party, and Jay decided to take on the task of making him a birthday cake.  It turned out amazing. 

 Since then, he’s made some pretty fabulous cakes (only some of which I have taken credit for):

I have to admit, he is pretty stinking talented.  But still, it's a good thing he has the beard.  I'm just saying...

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