Thursday, September 20, 2012

First of all, a little disclaimer…

My dearest husband reads every single one of my blogs (whether he wants to or not!) before I post them, and he has been a tremendous sport allowing me to reveal some silly things about him.  I would never publish things that he didn’t want me to reveal.  Well, at least not on this blog.  I write all those things under a pseudonym.

To be fair, Jay is going to be guest blogging to reveal some of my crazy idiosyncrasies (good luck finding any, JAY!  I’m as normal as they come!)

So, on to number one…

I have been racking my brain to think of what would be the strangest, wackiest, oddest quirk about Jay.  I mean, I’ve shared some pretty nutty stuff.  Let’s recap!

10. Jay has very odd things in his pockets.  Since that post, I’ve also discovered some hemp rope, a container of blackberry preserves, and the butt of a plastic lizard.  Way to prove me wrong, dude.

9. Jay has crazy eating habits.  Last night, at exactly 12:37 a.m., Jay got out of bed and declared that he was heading to the kitchen to make a burrito.  In the last 24 hours, he has consumed eight… count ‘em…. Eight peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Just a snack

8. Jay is strangely obsessed with his facial hair.  Today, at a super store, he purchased mustache finger tattoos, mustache picture frames, mustache magnets, mustache stickers for his computer, and three mustache baskets (to hold mustache grooming utensils I suspect).  These were all essentials, obviously.

7. Jay has his own language.   The other day, he and Micah were rough-housing on the floor, or as Jay calls it - RASSLIN’.

6. Jay can be a stinker… and he thinks it’s hilarious.  I discovered that he also thinks it’s hilarious when others are stinkers.  I had to nearly jump on his shoulders piggy-back style to stop him from giving a high five to a man who very obviously lit an aisle of the grocery store on fire.

5. Jay’s hobbies are a little too girly for me.  Today he was telling me about an idea he had to upcycle old paint cans.  He prefaced it by saying, “I didn’t get this idea on pinterest so you can’t make fun of me.  I got the idea in a craft magazine.”  Uh… yeah.  That’s better.

4. Jay has a wonderful/lousy memory.  This week, I made him a to-do list.  I think he forgot where he put it.

3. Jay will do just about anything for a good cause… and sometimes, just for a good laugh.  Like this one time, when Jay, then a professional clown, was in the middle of  a crowded store when he spotted his fiancĂ©.  He honked the horn on his oversized tricycle until everyone looked at him, then he stood up, ran and slid on his knees, stopping in front of a very red-faced me, and sang at the top of his lungs, “Quit playing games with my heart!”

2. Jay makes the strangest noises while he sleeps.  I totally forgot to talk about the sleep-convos he has with me!!  That could (and will!) be another whole blog.

So what deserves the highly coveted number one spot?  Should it be the fact that he has everything from hillbilly country to gangsta rap on his ipod? 

Party like a rock star

 Or the fact that he has an insane passion for shoes (He has triple the amount I have, and I’m definitely not shoe-shy!)?  Perhaps it could be that he secretly takes and texts pictures of anything he thinks I might find funny… including miscellaneous people?  


I think the strangest thing about this man of mine…

Is that despite every other choice he could have had in life….

Despite the places he could have gone and the adventures he could have had…

Despite it all….

He chose me.

And keeps choosing me everyday.


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  1. No, no. That makes him brilliant. Love you guys!