Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Pity the Fool!

A year or so ago, I spotted a tall, leggy brunette strutting down the street.  It was hard not to notice.  In fact, every eye in the general vicinity was fixated on the same sight.  People were literally stopping and staring, mouths wide open. How could you not notice the up-to-there legs, the six inch bright pink heels, and hips swishing this way and that?

I didn’t know whether to swell up with pride or hang my head in embarrassment.  

Yep, that’s my husband.

Wonderfully Weird Fact about Jay #3 – He will do just about anything for a good cause… and sometimes just for fun.  

This was actually the second time my manly man had rocked a pair of heels at this event.  A representative from the local battered women’s shelter had approached Jay and said that she was seeking out prominent men in the community (um…really??  Prominent?) to walk down Main Street in high heel shoes for an event called “Walk a Mile in her Shoes,” to benefit the shelter.  Jay needed precious little convincing to strap on the shoes.  He may or may not have remarked one too many times, “I can’t believe how good my legs look!”  Jay was featured in the paper and on the news in those shoes!

His size 14 foot crammed in a size 11 shoe

Over the years, Jay has laid aside all dignity and decorum in order to raise money and/or awareness for the causes close to his heart, or sometimes, just to get a laugh.  He has wrestled a pig, dressed as a woman, kissed a rat, ate a bug, swallowed a goldfish, and done very weird things to his beard.  I can’t imagine that there’s a thing in the world he wouldn’t wear to make someone laugh.  He will make an absolute fool of himself… and I find it adorable.

Here are some of the greatest hit pics from the last few years:

sleeping outside to raise awareness for homelessness
rockin' the swamp thing look for VBS
Mr. Roboto
Working it at a fashion show
Wrestling a pig... the pig won
This was for no apparent reason... other than to make laugh
Pucker up!

What it is, brotha man!

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  1. I'm loving the top ten!! And I can vouch for the fact that every one of these is true!!