Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Bigger Picture

There is so much going on in our lives right now that sometimes it feels like a whirlwind!  (I know you’re thinking, “Didn’t you JUST get home from an amazing, relaxing cruise?!?" Yes, it’s true.  But somehow, life was waiting for us in full force!).  In an effort to gain a little perspective tonight, I’m spending some time thanking God for the bigger picture.

So I'm telling myself...

Be thankful for family members who drive you crazy… it means you have a family.

Be thankful that the laundry still isn’t done… it means you had something more meaningful to do with your day today.

Be thankful for those smile lines… it means you’ve been happy.

Be thankful for the bruises on your leg… it means you made an exception and let a crazy little boy sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed last night.  He kicked the heck out of you, but gave you some great cuddles too.

Be thankful that you have a busy week ahead… it means you’re needed, and you live a life of purpose.

Be thankful for every random Nerf gun bullet you’ve had to pick up today… it means there was some fun going on in this house this morning.

Be thankful that you’re having to rework your already tight budget to figure out how to pay for some pretty expensive fertility treatments… it means that someone has finally given you a hope that seems worth investing in.

Be thankful that sometimes your heart aches… it means you love with all that you are.

Be thankful that parts of your heart live all over the country… it means you have wonderful friends.

And be thankful you have to end here… it means you have a handsome hubby to snuggle with!

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