Friday, January 3, 2014

an amazing letter...

In the month of December, we received a ton of mail.  Ads and junk, doctor bills, Christmas cards, well-wishes and congratulations for the new baby… but one piece of mail sticks out among the rest.  Shortly after Asher’s birthday, we received a letter we won’t soon forget… it was from Asher.
Now, let me preface this by saying that I’m not crazy -  I don’t actually believe that Asher wrote us a letter (or do I?  He is my child, and thus, likely a genius), but if you had something to do with it, please don’t ever tell me.  I love the mystery of this special note.
This is what the letter said –

Dear Mommy, Daddy and Micah,
Hi!  My name is Asher.  I like it!! I know you know my name, but I wanted you to know the name you chose for me is great.  You’ve said that I’ve been sent to you by God.  You’re right!  He needed someone to take care of me so he sent me to you.  He also wanted me to tell you a few things. I know it may seem a little strange coming from someone just a few days old, but this is what God told me to tell you.
Mommy, you have “found favor with God.”  Now what that means, I’m not sure.  I think it may mean that you have been given a gift so precious that He could entrust it to no one else but you.  I was told that you would love me more than anyone else could.  I know you have to do all the routine things like changing my messy diapers, feeding me and keep me clean, but God said the most important thing you will ever do is to love me. I guess that is more important to God than changing my messy diapers.  But be assured, I will cry to let you know if I’m messy or hungry.  Just saying!
Daddy, I was told you are funny and know a lot of silly jokes.  God said you would make me laugh and be happy.  Though I’m not sure what a joke is yet, I’m sure you’ll teach me.  God also said a part of your “regular” job is to help a lot of people to understand that they need to know Him.  He said you would teach me about… “the Way, the Truth, and the Life…” I’m anxious to know what all that means.  He also said something about Kentucky.  I wasn’t sure if He was talking about a place or a state of mind.  I guess you’ll let me know.
Micah, I am so happy to have a big brother!!  God said one day you will be my best friend and will make sure no one picks on me.  He also said sometimes you may not understand all the fuss everyone makes over me.  Well, the reason is that I’m not as big as you and I need other people to take care of me.  You sure are lucky you are old enough to do things I can’t do yet.  You will always be ahead of me.  Make sure you lead me in the right direction.  I’ll need your help to learn things that parents don’t know.  One thing for sure – I’ll always have a big brother to take care of me.
Well, that’s all I remember that I was to tell you.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  God talks a lot about love.  You know how He is.  Guess what!  I know what love is!!  God said love is… Mommy, Daddy and Micah!  I love you too.

Your son and baby brother,

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