Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prelude to a Post (Hopefully)

When I first received the miraculous news several months ago that I was “with child,” I really thought we’d survive this pregnancy together, blog style, and quite honestly, I’ve started or at least made notes for about a dozen posts, but I have yet to put the finishing touches on any of them… mostly because life has just been extremely busy, and any sedentary moments as of late have resulted in my immediately falling asleep. That, and the fact that pregnancy brain has effectively clogged the ducts of my creative juices.

 I have now been told by my doc that thanks to some pretty crazy blood pressure spikes, I need to take it as easy as possible and keep my feet up as much as I can until our little Button makes his appearance – hopefully within the next two weeks. So I thought that I might go back and try to see if I can salvage any of my random thoughts these last few months.

Now that I’m a whiny, swollen, uncomfortable, 9 months pregnant, wretched woman, it might do me some good to revisit some of the earlier moments of this blessing!

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