Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place!

Not all that long ago, I used to be incredibly organized.  In fact, I was quite known for it.  My house, office, and car were all neat and tidy.  I would even help other people organize their stuff. 

Then something happened.  About eight years ago, Micah entered my world and turned it upside down.  Suddenly, I was shoving things in drawers, hiding things in closets, and kicking stuff under the bed.  I was just happy if the diaper genie was emptied, and everyone made it out of the house without spit-up on them.  Micah got bigger, but I never really got back to my old ways.  Before I knew it, I was a bonafide slob.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  If you come to my house (with some notice… NEVER come without notice!) it will all appear somewhat in order.  But I know… it’s a façade.  A shadow of the house I used to keep.

I understand that this is really no big deal to some people.  Some people can toss a candy wrapper in the floor board, throw laundry on top of the dryer to be folded at some point in the future, search the cabinets for dinner plans at the last minute, and not get incredibly anxious about it, but not me.  A messy house can put me in a bad mood before just about anything else. 

I’m not striving for perfection… just a little order.

So I’ve made a plan.  And maybe if I blog about it, it will keep me accountable.

I’m organizing my house.  Spring cleaning on steroids!  And I’m getting the boys on board with me! 

I’m giving myself six months to organize IT ALL – well, provided I don’t get a call in May telling me I’m being transferred!

I bought an organizing magazine as we left for vacation at the beginning of this week, and in a few hours, I was already ready to go home and get started.  So far, I’ve broken most of the rules of the magazine –

1)      Don’t bite off more than you can chew!  There’s so much to do, and I don’t know where to start so I just try to start everywhere.  You know what that makes?  A huge mess!  So I’m slowing down.
2)      Don’t buy any containers or organizers until you empty the space and assess what you have.  Who has time to stop in the middle of a project to go shop for containers?  Besides, they were having a HUGE sale at TJ Maxx.  I did spend more than I wanted to - $77.00.  BUT as part of my organizing mindset, I had taken any clothes that I no longer wear to a consignment shop and just picked up a check for $76.  So there.  It was practically free.
3)      Don’t get distracted!  How can you not get distracted when you discover a box in the garage filled with teeny tiny baby things like onesies that say things like “Future Rock Star” and “Party at My Crib?”

I’ve worked for two days, and have started a lot of projects, but after a deep breath, I refocused and actually finished my first few things.

So here you go….

The kitchen pantry – the result of allowing the kiddo to help put groceries away and get his own snacks out, plus several grocery trips without actually throwing anything way (like there was Halloween candy in there somewhere!) and just clutter, clutter, clutter… yeah, embarrassing!

An hour and one large trash bag later...

Who knew there was (terrible) wallpaper in there?  Oh well, baby steps.

And now.............drum roll.....................

 I was actually able to fit another entire cabinet worth of stuff in there!  Thanks to repurposing some other things I had around the house, this project cost about $30.

And since I had labels left, I organized Micah's homework station.



I'm not sure where I'm focusing next...I'd really like to figure out what to do with all the paper I have everywhere... bills, coupons, mail, etc.   Any tips?

In the meantime, I'm thinking of moving a cot into the pantry.  It's become my new happy place!  Serenity now!


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